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When a feature stops working…

Mar 14, 2024 | Web Development

In the age of plugins, libraries, frameworks it’s unavoidable to run into these kind of issues. Especially when you rely on two or more plugins for realizing a feature, the individual and not rarely major updates can really affect your application(s).

It does not particularly matter if you’re working with Ruby on Rails, React, WordPress or etc., you probably face this issue at least once, but more likely countless times.

How should you proceed?

  1. Make sure you test once again to see if the feature really does not work. Test also in at least one other browser & in a private browser tab as well.
  2. Check your console for any visible errors.
  3. Was this feature working in previous version(s)? Use your version control (like GitHub) to verify it. You might have added some code and forgot to test your other functionalities. Of course, manual testing is great, but you also need to have other tests like unit tests, comprehensive end-to-end test, that you can always run and make sure your functionalities, features are not affected by your code changes.
  4. Check if you updated any plugins, dependencies recently – once again version control is your savior here.
  5. If you more have found an updated plugin/dependency check their releases, and see what were affected. Does it seem like something that could’ve affected your currently faulty feature?
  6. Check for similar issues in support forums / developer forums. (Github issues, StackOverflow, Reddit, etc.)
  7. If necessary roll back to previous version(s), and flag the issue if it’s something that the plugin developers might have missed, or don’t know about yet.

Hope you find the culprit!