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Why everyone is using Gatsby.js? And why we should consider it for your next project?

Apr 2, 2020 | Tech

We’d like to offer an overview for the non-techie clients as well, to give an idea why we’d suggest using this front-end tool for your next project.

What is Gatsby.js?

It’s a static site generator that’s actually built on React.js, a Javascript framework. Sounds gibberish, right?

Why static is good for me?
It enhances exponentially the speed of your website, as we don’t pull any data from the database when a user visits the website.

3 Reasons to go with Gatsby.js

1. Speed

This is one of the crucial reason we love Gatsby, as no-one likes to wait for a site loading for too long, especially when it comes to Search Engines, like Google.

2. Security

Let’s talk about where your data is coming from?
We can use many Content Management System (CMS), where you can add your articles, images, portfolios, or for example your restaurant’s menu items.

We collect that data from another location, so your site becomes more secure, not everything is in one server…

3. Cost

Gatsby.js is an open source framework, so it does not cost a dime for you. With our set up, we can also cut on the server cost using Netlify generous free tiers. So you only need to buy a domain, you want to use for your site!

It just gets interesting, right?

Let’s see some example sites!

We created some sites using Gatsby.js. We added the content on Contentful, and hosted the site on Netlify.

Click on each image to see the site!

Website for a coffee shop that wants to sell some beans, and wants to showcase their menu
Website for a Tour Company that offers different tours, and sharing articles
Website for a Restaurant that showcases their featured menu items

Gatsby.js works great for most of the websites that are showcasing different information, as well selling some products. We always consider multiple factors when deciding on the best platform to use.